Audi allroad shooting brake

The brand with the four rings is extending its design language in the Audi allroad shooting brake. The compact two-door show car combines a host of visual elements of future sports car models with the Audi-typical allroad concept and "shooting brake” car body form. Its user interface strategy also offers an outlook on future production solutions.

The symphony of the future

Electric cars do not output any sound themselves. At most a quiet hum. Dr. Ralf Kunkel, Head of Audi Acoustics, and Nick Mason, drummer for Pink Floyd, have a few ideas about the future sound.

First images of the ŠKODA KODIAQ revealed: Distinctive design for a new large SUV

Ahead of its world premiere on 1 September in Berlin, ŠKODA has revealed images of the KODIAQ, its new, large SUV model. They give an impression of how ŠKODA will transfer the brand’s new expressive design language into the SUV segment.

The perfect stage for Elvis’s BMW 507 and other legends from the last 100 years

From 18 to 21 August 2016, during the Monterey Car Week and the Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, BMW Group Classic will be celebrating under the Californian sun the company’s 100th anniversary and the most  significant successes in the racing history of the BMW brand. The event held on the US west coast is popular with classic car enthusiasts all over the world and provides a perfect stage for numerous milestones in BMW’s history – including the brand’s first motorcycle and the legendary BMW 328 sports car, the BMW 2002 – an ambassador of driving pleasure in the USA too, the racetrack-proven works of art from the BMW Art Cars Collection and several models currently used in touring car racing. 

40 years after winning the Production TT: Helmut Dähne does a lap of honour on the Isle of Man

After the Tourist Trophy (TT) races in June, the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea will once again be the centre of attention for motorcycle fans from all over the world up until 30 August 2016. The Classic TT not only celebrates recent victories but also the most spectacular accomplishments of the past. 

Convertible and SUV in one vehicle: The T-Cross Breeze

This SUV concept provides us with a realistic outlook on what people can expect from Volkswagen in the near future. With a fresh design and a modern interpretation of freedom, the T-Cross Breeze is a further successful example that reflects a new start into the mobile future. 

Powerfully electric: After a good 15 minutes has enough energy for around 400 kilometres

Against the background of several independent studies which say that the market share of vehicles powered partially and fully by electricity will exceed that of vehicles with combustion engines in the next 15 to 25 years, Porsche is investing in its future in this area.

WORLD PREMIERE: The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is designed as an electric car, output of the drive system is 750 PS

Every August classic car fans from around the world converge on Pebble Beach in California for a very special beauty contest. This gathering of magnificent classic cars is the perfect place to premiere the exclusive Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, a sensational luxury-class coupé. The 2+2 seater is a homage to the glorious age of the aero coupés and consciously carries this tradition forward into the future.

Innovations are the future: When will computers start driving cars

How much longer will we be using combustion engines? How much longer still will we be sitting at the wheel? When will computers start driving cars? CEO Oliver Blume’s answers are self-assured and courageous—and not for people with rigid ideas.

The innovative shock absorber system from Audi: New technology saves fuel and enhances comfort

In the mobility of the future, the recuperation of energy plays an increasingly important role, including in a car’s suspension. Audi is working on a prototype called “eROT,” in which electromechanical rotary dampers replace the hydraulic dampers used today for an even more comfortable ride.

Porsche 911 Targa 4S Exclusive Design Edition

From 12 August to 14 August, the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix will attract many auto fans to the Nürburgring. Porsche will be there as well and showcase not only classics but also a special edition of the 911 Targa 4S.

Ispred svoga vremena: Ponovno odlikovanje za vizionarski koncept modela BUDD-e

Marka Volkswagen, u skladu s vodećim načelom "Tko želi biti ispred svoga vremena, mora koračati novim stazama", sa studijom BUDD-e na ovogodišnjem specijaliziranom sajmu Consumer Electronics Show (CES) predstavila svoj futuristički koncept. Kod njega ne fascinira samo isključivo električni pogon modela BUDD-e s dosegom do 533 kilometra već i nova vrsta rukovanja kojom se upravlja glasom, dodirom i gestama, kao i prikaz informacija na novim zaslonima velikog formata.

Nissan BladeGlider combines zero-emissions with high-performance in a revolutionary sports car design

At the Museu do Amanhã (Museum of Tomorrow) in Rio de Janeiro, Nissan unveiled two new vehicle prototypes as part of its Intelligent Mobility strategy on the eve of the Opening Ceremonies. The two new prototypes include the Nissan BladeGlider, a 100 percent electric sports car, and the Solid Oxide Fuel-Cell (SOFC)-powered prototype.

If you want to experience historic racing and sports cars in action, the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix is unmissable

Every year, this captivating event on the Nürburgring attracts thousands of classic car lovers to the Eifel region. And each time, the major draw is not just the nearly 600 competitors, battling for victory and a high ranking with their top-class vehicles in numerous races, but the attractive supporting programme. Fans of the Porsche brand know that at the AvD Oldtimer Grand Prix, they will be greeted not just by the thrilling atmosphere of the race circuit, but also by a wealth of fascinating information about all things Porsche.

Porcijunkulovo, Čakovec Anno Domini 2016: Socijalne razlike i među Oldtimerima

Svake godine potkraj srpnja Čakovec zasja u posebnom ruhu. Porcijunkulovo, svake godine sve raskošnije i ljepše, tradicionalna kulturna manifestacija koja ove godine obilježava 52. godinu održavanja. Prvobitno zamišljena kao ‘Sajam tradicijskih zanata’ vezanih uz crkveni blagdan ‘Gospe od anđela – Porcijunkule’ (2.08.), manifestacija se svake godine tematski i obujmom širila da bi danas stekla status turističkog hepeninga koji privlači veliki broj novih posjetitelja. Vidan napredak zadnjih nekoliko godina, svega izloženog, govori da su Čakovčani shvatili potencijal i odlučili pridati zasluženi joj turistički značaj. Turista i posjetioca sve je više a ponuda i program sve su bolji. Prekrasan dvorac Zrinski odnosno Stari grad Zrinskih donosi potreban tač. 


The product of a unique Innovation Partnership between the British luxury brand and eminent F1TM team, this ambitious, uncompromising and wholly extraordinary collaboration combines the vision and skills of two world-leading brands to create a road car the like of which has never been seen before.

Audi racing legends Stuck, Röhrl and Biela at Classic Days Schloss Dyck

At this year's Classic Days at Schloss Dyck, Audi Tradition will be presenting three automotive milestones from Audi's motorsports history: the Auto Union Type C (1936), the Audi Sport quattro S1 (1985) and the Audi R8 Le Mans (2000). In two special races on the 6th and 7th of August, racing legends Hans-Joachim Stuck, Walter Röhrl and Frank Biela will take up place behind the wheel of these racing cars. The vehicle fleet from Ingolstadt will also feature the DKW UL 500 and NSU 500 Bullus motorcycles. The classic vehicle festival near to Grevenbroich will take place from the 5th to 7th of August 2016.

Mercedes presents the first all-electric trucks for heavy distribution worldwide

Daimler Trucks is presenting the Mercedes-Benz Urban eTruck in Stuttgart, as the first fully electric truck with an admissible total weight of up to 26 tonnes. The range of the electric truck is up to 200 km. “We push the boundaries of what is technically feasible, very widely to the front,” said Wolfgang Bernhard, CEO Daimler Trucks and Buses.

BMW M5 “Competition Edition”: This BMW ranks among the most powerful automobiles in the model history of the BMW brand

The BMW M Division has developed an exclusive special edition of the world’s most successful high-performance business sedan, setting yet another highlight in the current BMW M5 model range. With power output increased to 441 kW/600 hp and a maximum torque of 700 Newton metres, the BMW M5 “Competition Edition” ranks among the most powerful automobiles in the model history of the BMW brand (combined fuel consumption: 9.9 l/100 km; combined CO2 emissions: 231 g/km)*. The BMW M5 “Competition Edition”, which comes as standard with an M dual clutch transmission featuring Drivelogic, sprints from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.9 seconds. A distinctive personalised look, the standard Competition Package and a comprehensive range of optional features render the BMW M5 “Competition Edition”, the production of which is limited to 200, an automobile of exceptionally high value.

Isprobao sam novu top Volvo limuzinu S 90: Ova limuzina spada u kategoriju automobila novog budućeg vala

Automobilski brendovi koji godinama drže tron potrudili su se da ponude kupcima novu vrstu automobila koja bitno odudara od onog na što smo do sada navikli. Ta softversko-mehanički-digitalna kombinacija koja se proteklih godina ispitivala i dotjerivala na prestižnim natjecanjima Formule 1 i WRC-a donijela je pravu revoluciju u pogledu voznih karakteristika skupljih automobila. Takvi spojevi digitalizacije i mehanike rezultirali su spajanjem donedavno nespojivih i nemoguće ostvarivih kombinacija. 

Classic cars in the fast lane

Over the past months, the market for classic cars has changed dramatically - with sharp price increases of more than 20 percent at times, especially for certain Porsches. But where is this headed? An analysis with a view to the future.

The classic-car scene is as complex and ever-changing as the tastes of its connoisseurs. Similar to the art market, its established collectors, savvy investors, and keen trend-watchers dictate an unpredictable and passionate demand. The market’s relationship with vintage automobiles may seem impenetrable, but closer inspection reveals clear and recurring patterns deserving of analysis.

Daimler Buses presents the Mercedes-Benz Future Bus, the first autonomously driving city bus operating in a real-life traffic situation

The world’s biggest bus manufacturer, Daimler Buses, is systematically extending its technological leadership. The Mercedes-Benz Future Bus with CityPilot has driven autonomously for the first time on a route of approximately 20 kilometers in Amsterdam.

Porsche 911 RSR

The Porsche 911 RSR is a winner: In 2015, Porsche celebrated victories with the racer from Weissach in the world’s most important sports car championships. In both the Sports Car World Endurance Championship WEC and the North American IMSA SportsCar Championship, all three GT titles went to Porsche.

For the 2016 season, the 911 RSR, which is based on the seventh generation of the iconic 911 sports car, underwent modifications for the new season, particularly to the aerodynamics, to comply with the new regulations. The position of the rear wing was moved further to the back. The rear diffuser is now considerably larger. Moreover, the 911 RSR fielded in the Sports Car World Endurance Championship WEC and the IMSA SportsCar Championship received a modified front spoiler lip as well as wider side sills.

A small car makes a big impression: the new Audi Q2

A new car for the main plant of AUDI AG in Ingolstadt: The Audi Q2 has now entered series production there. With this compact SUV “made in Ingolstadt,” the brand with the Four Rings has entered a completely new segment while showing its commitment to its main site on the River Danube. Innovations such as a fully automatic module store in the assembly process help to master increasing production complexity.

Enhancing an icon: Peugeot UK apprentices renovate 205 GTi with aplomb

With the car found and delivered, the apprentices were quick to suggest ideas for the restoration. Performance was a focal point for the widely-celebrated hot hatch, with some keen to make a track-ready example. However, it was decided to take the car back to its roots and create as close-to-original example of the car as possible, but with a twist to really push the skills of the team. Overall, the project took two years to complete, with every Peugeot UK apprentice during this time being involved in the project.